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It’s been a long day. So glad I get the chance to unwind now.

It’s been a long day. So glad I get the chance to unwind now.


Eating pussy is 30% basic skill and 70% paying the fuck attention.

15% concentrated power of will 5% pleasure 50% pain and 100% reason to remember the name

LMAO. But no seriously you do need to pay attention to your partners body language

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Tumblr on November 1st

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foods that will poison cats:

  1. alcohol 
  2. chocolate
  3. caffeine
  4. dairy products (adults turn lactose intolerant)
  5. fat trimmings, raw meat, eggs, fish
  6. grapes and raisins
  7. onions and garlic
  8. tuna (when not made for cats)
  9. xylitol (artificial sweetener)

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Two weeks later, we spoke again.


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My favourite Alex Pardee Series

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you chug a fifth of alcohol by yourself & everyone around you is too busy cheering to wonder how empty you had to be in order to do it
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